About Hope for Deaf Africans

Giving hope and support to Deaf Africans and to help Deaf Africans achieve and reach their potential.


Hope for Deaf African (HDA UK) is a charity based in United Kingdom. It is founded by people who are themselves Deaf, and who have had first-hand experience of the challenges and difficulties that are the daily ordeals of Deaf people in Africa. Hope for Deaf Africans (UK) is therefore a response to the yearnings of Deaf people in Africa, long neglected both by their governments, and mainstream non-governmental organisations who work to bring relief to people of Africa.

Deaf people in a few African countries such as Burundi, Malawi, South Sudan, Sierra Leone, Chad, Ghana, Tanzania and Nigeria continue to experience inequality of access to qualitative education in line with WFD’s positional paper on inclusive education for the Deaf. Access to health remains a stumbling block to wellbeing and wellness; and where little access is possible, communication with the wider society, and with sources of support has affected Deaf people’s confidence. The result is that a large part of the Deaf population, without access to education, health and opportunity for quality inclusion in the everyday activities of their community through gainful employment and or the use of their individual skills by way of apprenticeship, has had to contend with untreated mental health issues.

Hope for Deaf African UK (HAD-UK) is determined to employ diverse interventions through carefully packaged programmes of support in order that Deaf Africans are reached with the help and support that they need.

Our Mission

By working together with Deaf organisations and community in Africa we can overcome the social, socio-economic, health issues (including mental health, HIV/AIDS etc.) and educational barriers that hold Deaf People in Africa back from achieving individual and collective aspirations.

Our Vision

Give hope and support to Deaf Africans.  To help Deaf Africans achieve and reach their potential.

Our Story

Who are we?

With confidence, we believe current situation can change for the better for many Deaf Africans.

We are Deaf people, professionals in our own right, living in UK. We are passionate about the problems and issues that Deaf people of Africa encounter in their daily lives. Often the direct victims of the devastating impact of inter-ethnic clashes, communal and civil clashes, Deaf people in Africa are often traumatised, disempowered and stripped of their human rights and dignity.  As Deaf Africans living in the UK, we share in these traumatic experiences, and our desire is to work with others to bring relief and succour to Deaf Africans.

What we do

We will work in partnership with local people, local groups and Deaf-led institutions to identify the most cost-effective interventions that support Deaf Africans in a dignified ways. Our response to the human sufferings, traumatic challenges and untold hardships will be driven by research and will be anchored around programs and activities that are Deaf-led and that have substantial input for local Deaf people.


By working with local Deaf Africans in their place of resident, we ensure that they owned the problems and that interventions directed at these problems come from their own lived experiences.  We will advocate for programs that are inclusive, and that recognise the unique sign language of local Deaf as the starting point of all supports and interventions. 



Jeremy Yankey - Chair

Olawale Alade - Secretary

Bola Oyeyemi - Treasurer


Anthea Jaiteh – Publicity Officer

Matthew Adedeji – Vice Chair

How to get Involved

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Bringing hope to Deaf Africans

We are raising money, providing hope and support to Deaf Africans.

By working with local Deaf Africans in their place of resident, we ensure that they owned the problems and that interventions directed at these problems come from their own lived experiences.