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By working with local Deaf Africans in their place of resident, we ensure that they owned the problems and that interventions directed at these problems come from their own lived experiences.  We will advocate for programs that are inclusive, and that recognise the unique sign language of local Deaf as the starting point of all supports and interventions. 

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You can make a one time gift to Hope for Deaf Africans, by choosing one of the donation options below.

Who do we support?

Deaf Africans

We will work in partnership with local people, local groups and Deaf-led institutions to identify the most cost-effective interventions that support Deaf Africans in a dignified ways. Our response to the human sufferings, traumatic challenges and untold hardships will be driven by research and will be anchored around programs and activities that are Deaf-led and that have substantial input for local Deaf people.

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You can create a local event to raise money for Hope for Deaf Africans. Any monies raised can be donated to Hope for Deaf Africans, through one of the donation options below.

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